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  • This exquisite concentrated perfume oil embodies prestige, power and luxury that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Arabia. An impeccable blend of high quality ingredients Mukhallat Tharwaan designed to attract both men and women. The fragrance opens with bright floral notes of Rose, while the heart is a blend of aromatic sandalwood and mesmerizing Amber.

  • This exclusive concentrate fragrance is designed for those who are deep rooted in tradition and appreciate fine Oudhy blends with a hint of floral notes on the top bonded through warm, woody notes of the other Oriental ingredients like Musk, Rose, Amber, Oudh. Staying true to its name, The Legend – this fragrance leads us into an adventure and sends...

  • This exotic bouquet opens with the floral essence of Bergamot and Rose creatively infused with spicy hints of saffron, nutmeg and clove, interspersed with geranium. The fragrance highlights aromatic, warm and contemporary base woody yet sweet notes, for that long lasting trail.

  • Designed for those who like non conventional oriental fragrances, this is a trendy and modern essence that has spicy marine elements that dissipate to reveal an alluring heart comprised of floral and ambery notes. The fragrance leaves its impression with base notes that yield Woody – fruity notes.

  • The blend of musky, floral and woody undertones stem from infusions of rose, Oudh, labdanum, amber and geranium and citrus. At the heart of this luscious oriental concentrate are green floral notes that comprise of green leaf, mandarin, bergamot and flower petals. Woody and spicy top notes bring together sandalwood, cardamom, pepper, and vanilla

  • A floral spicy fragrance that is a reflection of traditional tastes, designed for those who are deep rooted and enjoy essences cast around popular Middle Eastern notes. The fragrance is a spicy rendition revolving around floral and woody notes induced by the use of Saffron Rose and Agarwood. The fragrance is reinforced with Amber and musk to provide an...

Showing 13 - 18 of 18 items