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  • Aatifa, which means passion in arabic is a traditional concentrated unisex fragrance designed to attract customers looking for an essence crafted to match their taste. A combination of spicy floral ingredients like nutmeg cumin and rose provide the introduction to the fragrance. The heart and base both reflect warmth of amber, encased with woody musky notes.

  • Ahbab fills the air with romance transporting the wearer and her spouse in to a world of love and affection. Its refreshing top notes of Floral, Bergamot Oil, Ylang and Rose boosted by tantalizing heart notes of Spicy Jasmine, Iris and Cedar gives the concentrate an uplifting sensation.

  • Uniting deep-rooted traditions with modern times, Alf Lail O Lail Eau de Parfum, comprises spicy and smoky notes which evolve into a menagerie of floral elements, complemented by the lingering effect of musky and woody notes.

  • A mature fragrance that is designed to illuminate your significance where ever you go. Designed for the sophisticated and glamorous individuals that bask in the sunshine of people, are at the heart of every conversation. The fragrance opens with a floral spicy that is encapsulated by a woody spicy heart. The base notes resonates a musky – floral...

  • The fragrance is designed for sophisticated individuals who adore oriental fragrances. Asheem flavors emit the fresh ingredients of sandalwood and amber with spiciness of Clarysage and final touches of Oudh and Musk to complete the perfectly balanced modern oriental fragrance.

  • A modern oriental creation that blends floral fruity elements like Jasmine Mandarin, with Saffron and Musk, allowing the fragrance to revel in its sweetness and express its floral heart. Base notes comprise of woods like Sandalwood and Agarwood mixed with amber to give the fragrance warmth and allow it to linger.

  • A hint of musk, an abundance of serenity and a mix of emotions, Ajmal Perfumes, introduces the blissfully elegant and ethereal concentrate, Hanaa. It is a layered floral bouquet with lingering notes of Rose and White Musk, seductively entwined with Amber and Agarwood gently dances to the senses and play on the emotions.

  • Targeted towards the modern youth of today, this fruity floral accord bears rose and litchi as its opening statement. A statement of intent, of light hearted embrace, of age coming to grace. Musk and saffron polish of the base providing musky spiciness to the base with warm woody notes that remain.

  • The fragrance is designed to attract connoisseurs of oriental essences. A combination of traditional ingredients such as Dahn al Oudh, with the warm, sensual notes of vanilla and amber and a delicate flowery scent from rose, Mawsouf is fitting for classy mature men and women.

  • Bringing together the two most popular notes to create a fragrance that will evoke interest amongst the consumer. Misk Al Oudh is an oriental blend with a contemporary twist. Soothing Musk envelopes the velvety facet of Oudh leading the two notes to synchronize beautifully. Musk comes out stronger than Oudh leaving behind an enchanting scent that lingers.

  • Mizyaan is a unisex offering designed for individuals who are vibrant and have beaming personalities. The fragrance is designed around floral spicy notes with a hint of saffron that gives the fragrance it oriental charm. Musk and floral notes dominate the heart transcending into a long lasting base note that is comprised of woody and ambery notes.

  • Mukhallat Dahn Al Oudh Moattaq is presented as one of the most exclusive perfumes among oriental creations. It is a concoction created around a body of Dahn Al Oudh. The top note carries rich woody notes in harmony with pure Turkish rose oil and a blend of exotic Indian herbs. The heart exudes Ambery and woody feel with the base culminating in...

Showing 1 - 12 of 18 items