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  • An aromatic fresh fragrance that aims to appeal to men who are sophisticated and stylish. Bergamot, green apple and lavender grace the top with a refreshing opening to the accord in harmonious balance with spicy powdery heart notes comprised of cardamom, juniper, orris and heliotrope.

  • A fragrance designed for the strong independent woman. She is modern, truly adventurous and will hold her own no matter what the situation. She likes non conventional fragrances as they represent her outlook in life. Gardenia and jasmine combine to present a hearty floral fragrance capped with cedar wood and vanilla representing a woody powdery base.

  • The fragrance opens with a fresh spicy top comprised of pineapple leaves, cardamom and violet leaves, which dissipates into a floral heart mixed with woody notes. The base reflects woody tones with the help of cedar wood, sandal wood with a slight balsamic afterglow.

  • W Series Hatkora Wood can easily be claimed as an object of perfumed art. Imbued with the highlights of Citrus, Hatkora is a semi-wild species of citrus and its amazing perfume emanates from oil of the fruit\'s luscious peel. W Series Hatkora Wood guarantees using the finest Hatkora wild lemons sourced from Assam, Mizoram and Manipur for this fragrance.

  • The floral, green citrus and powdery woody essence of Illusion is a perfect combination of Rose, Geranium and Bergamot finally blended with Cedar wood, Sandal, Patchouli and Vanilla. This exquisite blend will last longer and keep you fresh.

  • Feminine and provocative, Jade is a concoction of seductive woody and amber undertones of vanilla, amber, and musk that give way to more fresh, flirty notes of cherry, lily and rose before tailing off with lush, fruity infusions of pear, apple, plum and mimosa petals. A gem of a scent too beautiful and precious to resist, Jade symbolizes the new woman who...

  • Lure for her is a fragrance designed for the emotionally dependant woman, who loves the support of her significant other. She is an introvert and is very easy to get along with. She is extremely fashionable and is always dressed to impress.

  • Lure for him is designed for men who fall in the 25+ age bracket. They are mature and sophisticated individuals who are dependable and like to add a touch of class to anything they set out to do. The fragrance is designed to attract mature, sophisticated men who adore classic fragrances.

  • A highly intense fragrance that attracts a young, energetic male audience. The fragrance harmoniously combines a wide range of fresh and uplifting notes. A contemporary creation wherein each note reverberates its own individualistic charm.

  • The composition is exceptionally cool and crisp with a very attractive, little-matched crystalline quality about it. It evokes marmorean snow Queens gliding on ice floes through chilly Polar expanses with a powdery finish. Here is a fragrance whose mind, body and soul is filled with the essence of Musk.

  • Crafted for the young and vibrant diva, Prose is a delectable, vivacious, and spirited fragrance that emanates a feminine, warm, and playful aroma. A contemporary fragrance featuring the perfect balance between fresh, younger notes, and a more mature, and earthly aroma; Prose combines hints of bright and fresh citrus fruits

  • Combining uplifting Fruity and sensual Floral notes for the ultra modern woman of today. With a unique mix of Floral, Fruity and Fresh notes, Raindrops is a modern scent which exudes a sleek and simplistic elegance enveloping the wearer in a delicate weave of contemporary elements.

Showing 13 - 24 of 36 items